Virtual Lung Function Self-Assessment

BRxeathe is a web-based application powered by AI and machine learning utilizing Automatic Speech Recognition and Voice Recognition technologies for automated virtual lung function self-assessment.  BRxeathe is currently under investigation and not to be used for clinical purposes at this time.

How does BRXeathe work?

The BRxeathe application utilizes a series of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms in concert with Automatic Speech Recognition technologies to analyze lung function virtually for the assessment of symptoms including cough, speech interruption due to shortness of breath, abnormal breathing sounds and lung capacity.  The application consists of a five-step respiratory assessment intake which records samples for speech, deep breathing, counting, phonetics and coughing, and then subsequently runs these recordings against machine learning models of infected patients with the goal to predict infections in others.

We are currently in clinical research phase, with the purpose of validating this application as a supportive tool for respiratory function self-assessment and monitoring in the COVID-19 pandemic.  This application is NOT intended for use in the diagnosis of disease, treatment or prevention of disease.

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